Matteau! Matteau! | New York Rangers

About Matteau! Matteau!

b. 1986, HK.



Pac Pobric


Keenan Wells of Pixel Hall of Fame



Matteau! Matteau! is a nine-part editorial project about the 2018–2019 New York Rangers and the world of hockey edited by Pac Pobric and illustrated by Keenan Wells.

The title comes from game seven of the 1994 NHL Eastern Conference Final between the Rangers and the New Jersey Devils. Four minutes into double overtime, Rangers forward Stéphane Matteau won the game when he flew around the net and chipped a shot past goaltender Martin Brodeur. Howie Rose, the announcer that night, shouted Matteau’s name in glee, adding: “The Rangers have one more hill to climb, baby!” In the next round, the Rangers beat the Vancouver Canucks to win their first Stanley Cup since 1940.